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Sino Biological

Your specialist for Protein and Antibody Production and Quality Reagents

Sino Biological was established in Bejing in 2007. Today, Sino is one of the premier manufacturers of recombinant proteins, antibodies and related products. Sino has a strong focus on quality, is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is capable of producing under GMP rules. Sino's portfolio includes more than 10’000 recombinant proteins and 19’000 antibodies, making Sino Biological the preferred production lab serving the entire life science community.

Product offering

  • Cytokines & recombinant proteins
  • Antibodies and ELISA kits
  • cDNA expression clones
  • Cel culture media
  • Custom and CRO services

Grown Factors & Cytokines

Sino Biological offers a wide range of cytokines, growth factors and other recombinant proteins manufactured to the highest quality standards.

  • produced in mammalian cells
  • ultrapure (> 90% by SDS-PAGE)
  • low endotoxin levels
  • carrier free: dissolved in PBS, without BSA
  • 600+ GMP-level cytokines
  • bulk quantities available

Custom production and CRO services

Sino Biological also offers a range of custom and CRO services for academic and industry researchers.

These include:

  • custom protein expression and purification
  • custom antibody production
  • antibody humanization
  • gene cloning and expression vector construction