rPeptide - Premiere peptide solutions

About rPeptide

rPeptide is a biotechnology company and market leader in providing research products for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Their products include recombinant peptides and proteins, antibodies, and reagents. rPeptide also provides a range of custom services from molecular biology, protein expression and purification, to 13C and 15N uniform labeling of peptides and proteins. In addition, rPeptide’s product line offers many ultra pure peptides and most products are ‘net peptide content’ instead of ‘total content.’

rPeptide has a proprietary platform vector technology that enables the expression of historically difficult peptides/proteins as soluble peptides/proteins (e.g. beta-amyloid, leptin, pro-insulin) in E. coli.

Product offering

  • Beta-amyloid peptides
  • Proteins (synuclein, tau, tubulin, calmodulin & others)
  • Labeled peptides and proteins
  • Mono-and polyclonal antibodies (beta-amyloid, synuclein, tubulin, tau etc.)
  • Neurodegenerative related compounds
  • Products for research on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease