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PM2510ExcelBand Enhanced 3-color Regular Range Protein Marker, 250 ul x 22 x 250 ul75.00
PM2610ExcelBand Enhanced 3-color High Range Protein Marker, 250 ul x 22 x 250 ul88.00
DM2200AccuBand 100 bp DNA Ladder II, 500 ul500 ul22.00
DM3100ExcelBand 1KB (0.25-10 kb) DNA Ladder, 500 ul500 ul22.00
MG04Midori Green Advance (1 ml)1 ml107.00
AG11Midori Green Advance Agarose Tablets (100)100 each151.00
SB232010-50GSureBlock - blocking agent for Western Blotting, replaces TopBlock50 g45.00
LU001000AcquaStain for up to 50 mini-gels (ready to use)1 liter145.00
HZ-1285100UGAnimal-free Recombinant Human FGF Basic-TS100 ug1'124.00
VFPPES222500Vacufil Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units, 0.22 um pore size, with 500 ml receiver bottle12 pcs108.00
SFPES030022SSterile PES Syringe Filters, Pore: 0.22 um, Housing Diameter: 30 mm100 pcs63.00

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50% on blood-derived products

Check website for list of products included in promotion, e.g. human recovered plasma SER-PLE. Quote ZENBIO19-1.
Valid until May 31, 2019.