Nippon Genetics

About Nippon Genetics

Nippon Genetics is a Japanese company which develops products in the areas of DNA/RNA imaging, DNA purification, PCR technology and electrophoresis.

Nippon Genetics is the originator of the Blue/Green LED technology and the safe DNA stain Midori Green for visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. Unlike ethidium bromide and UV light, Blue/Green LED in combination with Midori Green is completely safe for the user and does not damage DNA or RNA.

Nippon Genetics also offers a wide range of transilluminator tables and gel documentation systems, all with Blue/Green LED technology.

Product offering

  • Midori Green safe DNA stain
  • Gel documentation systems and transilluminator tables, e.g. FAS-Digi PRO
  • RNA purification kits
  • FastGene Scriptase, a more economical clone of Supercript II
  • Lab plastics incl. filter tips, PCR tubes & plates, and more
  • MagnaStand magnetic racks for NGS applications
  • Precast protein gels
  • Bambanker freezing media

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