EdgeBio - Sanger sequencing simplified

About EdgeBio

EdgeBio develops and markets reagents for DNA sequencing clean-up and nucleic acid purification. Their products employ rapid and simple protocols, minimizing hands-on time while providing high-quality results with high reproducibility.

Product offering

  • Dye Terminator Removal plates
    • Performa® DTR
    • Optima DTR™, a cost effective alternative
  • PCR purification plates, kits and resin (75%-99% recovery depending on fragment size, 100 bp - 48.5 kb)
    • QuickStep™ 2PCR purification kit
    • ExcelaPure™ 96-Well UF PCR purification kit
  • Sample preparation products
    • Precipitation reagents (Quick-Precip™, Quick-Precip™ Plus)
    • Performa® Spin Columns for DNA/RNA purification
    • PurElute™ Bacterial Genomic Kit for quick bacterial DNA isolation
  • Bacterial competent cells for high-efficiency DNA cloning and recombinant protein expression
  • BrilliantDye™, a drop-in replacement for BigDye® (compatible with all ABI genetic analyzers & SeqStudio series) brochure  protocol
  • NimaPOP™ Polymer, substitute for POP™ Polymer, and NimaPOP™ Running Buffer, concentrated electrophoresis buffer for use on all Genetic Analyzer systems
  • Accessories, e.g. 96-well adhesive plate sealers