Vazyme Biotech

About Vazyme

Vazyme Biotech is devoted to the development and production of high quality enzyme- and antibody-based products for molecular biology applications. Their products are used for basic research, clinical diagnosis, molecular diagnostics, high-throughput sequencing and life science research, and other related fields. Competitively priced, Vazyme products deliver exceptional value without compromising performance.

Product offering

PCR: Conventional PCR, high fidelity PCR, high yield PCR, rapid PCR, long fragment PCR, hot start PCR, multiplex PCR, genotyping kits, and isothermal amplification

qPCR: SYBR-based and probe based, low/high ROX, master mix and hot-start versions

RT-PCR: Conventional RT-PCR, one-step RT-PCR, tissue and cell RNA storage and total RNA extraction kits

DNACloning: Rapid, highly efficient one-step cloning kits

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Library construction for RNA-seq, DNA-seq and single cell libraries

Cell-based assays: Including Mycoplasma detection and transfection reagents