Alpha-Tec Systems

Better health through intelligent diagnostics

Alpha-Tech Systems provides innovations for the clinical laboratory. Their products revolutionize how laboratories do their work by providing advances in in vitro diagnostics of mycobacteriology, parasitology, bacteriology, and mycology.

Their most successful products include the NAC-PAC kit for tuberculosis and their individually packed QC1 quality control slides.


The NAC-PAC® EA3 kit is the simple way to standardize specimen processing for AFB diagnostics. The reagents are pre-aliquoted and ready-to-use in one convenient tray, and offer a higher Mycobacteria recovery rate than conventional preparation methodologies. reference

  • 60 individual patient tests: 6 NAC-PAC RED bottles, 60 NALC tablets (N-acetyl-L-cysteine), 60 NPC-67 bottles, 60 PRB™ bottles
  • Visual color-change indication of neutral pH without titration
  • Convenient use and storage bench tray
  • Compatible with instrumented and manual mycobacterial growth systems, and molecular methods
  • Available in a 2.5% NaOH or 3.0% NaOH concentration

How the NAC-PAC™ EA3™ works:

If you want completely individualized reagents, then you can use NAC-PAC UNITARY:

  • One set for each patient specimen being processed
  • No bottle-to-bottle cross-contamination risk
  • Easy to use and requires minimal measuring
  • No need to store opened reagent bottles or balance volumes for centrifugation

You can also buy individual reagents such as NAC‑PAC®RED (contact us for bulk requests).

QC1 quality control slides

  • Individually packaged, pre-made QC1 Quality Control Slides
  • Complies with regulatory requirements
  • Eliminates need to maintain control cultures or pool positive samples
  • Easy standardization of routine stain validation procedures

Acid-Fast-Bacillus (AFB)

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