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AcquaStain fast protein gel & prestained protein ladders

AcquaStain - never wash or destain again

Like Coomassie Blue - only simpler

AcquaStain is a single step protein gel dye.  This novel product doesn’t require pre- or post-treatment  of the gel.  Just run your protein gel, add the stain and watch your bands appear in several seconds.

Advantages of AcquaStain

  • Contains no harmful chemicals or acids, so it's much safer than standard dyes
  • Can be disposed of down the sink after staining
  • Water-based product, no observable shrinkage or wrinkling of the gel occurs
  • Unlike methanol-based stains, proteins isolated from AcquaStain treated gels are 100% compatible with mass spectrometry analysis

One-step in 15 minutes

Other “fast” gel staining technologies require expensive equipment or can poorly stain the protein bands.  And no other “fast” product is as fast as AcquaStain – completing the entire staining procedure in about 15 minutes (for typical protein amounts). Don’t worry though, it is impossible to over-saturate using this product, so you can incubate overnight with no harmful effects.

Better than the competition

 AcquaStainBioSafe stainEZBlue gel stainGelcode stainSimplyBlue stain
No prewashYesNoNoNoNo
No destainYesNoNoNoNo
# of steps13343
Total time15 min60-120 min120-360 min90-360 min360-420 min
Conc. linearity (R2)0.980.710.910.980.92

Product listing

LU001000Acquastain, 1 Liter (50 gels)1 L
LU001000-SAMPLEAcquastain, 25 ml (sample)25 ml

Prestained protein ladders

ExcelBand Enhanced 3-color regular range protein marker (PM2510)

  • Range: 10 kDa to 180 kDa (Bis-Tris buffer)
  • Markers: 25 kDa (green) and 75 kDa (red)
  • Size: 2 x 250 ul, sufficient for 100 lanes (5 ul per lane)

Donwload product insert

ExcelBand Enhanced 3-color high range protein marker (PM2610)

  • Range: 10 kDa to 235 kDa (Bis-Tris buffer)
  • Markers: 25 kDa (green) and 75 kDa (red)
  • Size: 2 x 250 ul, sufficient for 100 lanes (5 ul per lane)

Download product insert

YesBlot Western Marker I (WM1000)

  • Range: 10 kDa to 200 kDa (Bis-Tris buffer)
  • Markers: 10/45 kDa (blue), 25 kDa (green) and 70 kDa (pink)
  • Markers (Western blot): 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 150, 200 kDa
  • Size: 2 x 250 ul, sufficient for 100 lanes (5 ul per lane)

YesBlot Western Marker I is a ready-to-use mixture with ten IgG-binding proteins covering a wide range of molecular weights from 15 to 200 kDa in TrisGlycine buffer. It contains 4 pre-stained proteins (10, 25, 45 and 70 kDa) for monitoring protein separation during SDS-PAGE, verification of Western transfer efficiency on membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF, or nylon) and for approximating the protein size. Second, ten IgGbinding proteins can be immuno-detected on film or by CCD imaging. YesBlot™ Western Marker I is compatible with chemiluminescent, fluorescent, chromogenic or other detection systems.

Product listing

PM2510ExcelBand 3-color regular range marker100 rxn
PM2610ExcelBand 3-color high range marker100 rxn
WM1000YesBlot Western marker50 rxn