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DNA and RNA Oligos

Do you care about the quality of your oligos? Then try oligos from the market leader - IDT!

  • Proprietary synthesis platform for highest product quality
  • Highest percentage of full-length oligos in industry
  • Fast turnaround: >95% of ordered products ship in <24 hours

IDT provides quality you can rely on

  • Every nucleic acid product is qualified by ESI mass spectrometry
  • IDT guarantees accurate molecular weight and single peak
  • All QC documents are available online

Figure 1. Proportion of full-length product is a factor of coupling efficiency. DNA oligos from IDT are sysnthesized on proprietary platforms that deliver higher coupling efficiency than industry standards. The increasing importance of coupling efficiency to increased oligo length is shown.

Convenience at no extra cost

  • Industry-leading production times
  • Order your oligos until 5PM and receive them two days later
  • Free shipping for all RNA and DNA oligos

Are you ready to give it a try? Request a free trial below or directly set up your account on the IDT portal!