Competent cells

High efficiency competent cells from Lucigen

  • Direct replacement for common cloning strains (e.g. DH10B, Top10, DH5alpha, XL1-Blue)
  • Optimized genetics: phage T1 resistant, endonuclease and recombination minus, blue/white screening-capable
  • Wide range of transformation efficiencies (from 1×106 to 4×1010 cfu/ug)
  • Cost savings - significantly cheaper than competitor's cells Download comparison

High efficiency library cloning: E. cloni ® 10G SUPREME electrocompetent cells

  • Highest transformation efficiency achievable (4×1010 cfu/ug)
  • Available as single reactions, DUOs or sixpacks
  • Ideal for constructing complex libraries and challenging cloning experiments

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CRISPR, large or difficult fragment cloning: Endura™ electrocompetent cells

  • Clone unstable sequences with reliable results
  • Direct replacement for Invitrogen Stbl3 and Agilent SURE strain
  • Ideal for CRISPR/Cas9 library construction
  • Efficiencies up to 1×1010 cfu/ug

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Standard subcloning: E. cloni ® 10G chemically competent cells

  • Ideal for routine subcloning (1×106 cfu/ug)
  • Available as single reactions or DUOs
  • Unbeatable price: CHF 2.25 per reaction

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Product listing (selection)

60081E. cloni ® 10G SUPREME Electrocompetent Cells
> 4×1010 cfu/µg
12 or 24 rxn (SOLOs)
60080E. cloni ® 10G SUPREME Electrocompetent Cells
> 4×1010 cfu/µg
12  or 24 rxn (DUOs)
60240Endura™ Chemically Competent Cells
> 1×107 cfu/µg
4, 12 or 24 rxn (DUOs)
60242Endura™ ElectroCompetent Cells
>1×1010 cfu/µg
4, 12 or 24 rxn (DUOs)
60108E. cloni ® 10G Chemically Competent Cells (Subcloning Grade) > 1×106 cfu/µg48 or 96 rxn

Transformation information: SOLOs = 1 transformation per tube, DUOs = 2 transformations per tube). The specified transformation efficiencies are with pUC DNA, unless indicated otherwise.

Need help choosing a strain? Check out this competent cell selection guide