Protein purification

In addition to brand products, LubioScience also offers affordable generics for protein purification:

Loose IMAC resins
Pre-packed FPLC columns
ProteoSEC size exclusion columns

Super Ni-NTA agarose resin (loose resin)

Super Nickel-NTA agarose resin is considered the gold standard for His-tagged protein purification. Protein Ark's high performance Super Ni-NTA is regarded as one of the best Ni-IMAC resins on the market. 

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor TSavings
SUPER-NINTA100Super Ni-NTA Agarose Resin100 mlCHF 1'007.00CHF 2'470.00CHF 1'463.00


The affinity chromatography matrix is made from 7.5% cross-linked agarose, which provides a high degree of reproducibility between individual purification runs. This Ni-NTA resin also shows great tolerance to reducing agents such as DTT or 2-ME. Available package sizes: 10ml, 25ml and 100ml.

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Super Co-NTA agarose resin (loose resin)

High performance Super Cobalt-NTA affinity resin is designed for affinity purification of His-tagged proteins

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor WSavings
SUPER-CONTA100 Super Co-NTA Agarose Resin100 mlCHF 1'007.00CHF 2'300.00CHF 1'293.00


Cobalt ions were carefully loaded onto a 7.5% cross-linked agarose matrix via an NTA coupled ligand to obtain a stable affinity matrix with the highest binding capacity for histidine residues. This matrix guarantees reproducible results between individual purification runs. If required, the cobalt ions can be removed from the agarose matrix and the matrix can be recharged with a different metal ion. Available package sizes: 10ml, 25ml and 100ml.

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HiFliQ Protein A FPLC columns

Protein Ark's HiFliQ columns enable fast and thorough antibody purification from serum, ascites and tissue culture supernatants.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor GSavings
HIFLIQ1-PA-1HiFliQ Protein A FPLC column 1 mlCHF 144.00CHF 181.00CHF 37.00


HiFliQ Protein A FPLC columns are pre-packed and ready to use with a Protein A agarose FF resin. The columns are made of polypropylene and their base matrix is made from agarose. They show high ligand density and high binding capacity.

  • Available in 1 ml and 5 ml column sizes
  • Compatible with all common chromatography HPLC and FPLC instruments, low pressure pumps and syringes using an appropriate adaptor
  • Protein A capacity (hIgG): 30 mg (per 1 ml resin)
  • Flow rate: 1 ml/min (1 ml), 1-5 ml/min (5 ml)

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ProteoSEC size exclusion columns

The ProteoSEC size exclusion columns by Protein Ark enable high definition preparative protein polishing steps using all aqueous buffers (RT & cold room)

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor GSavings
SEC-16/60-3-70ProteoSEC Column
16/60 3-70 HR
16mm ID; 60cm length, 1pc.CHF 1'107.00CHF 2'349.00CHF 1'242.00


ProteoSEC size exclusion colums contain a high-performance rigid resin made from a co-polymer of dextran and agarose. The ProteoSEC size exclusion columns are compatible with ÄKTA and show a comparable performance to GE Healthcare Superdex™ 200 pg (ProteoSEC 6-600 HR) and Superdex™ 75 pg (ProteoSEC 3-70 HR) SEC columns.

  • Three different column sizes: 11/30, 16/60, 26/60
  • Two different resins: 3-70 HR resin (separation range: 3-70 kDa) and 6-600 HR resin (separation range: 6-600 kDa). Both resins have a mean particle size of ca. 35 µm (20-50 µm)
  • All sizes come in dynamic design with adjustable end adaptors (the ProteoSEC 16/60 6-600 are also available as non-dynamic columns).
  • Theoretical Plate Number > 10,000 N/m, Peak Asymmetry 0.7-1.5

ProteoSEC Dynamic userguide
ProteoSEC userguid