Animal sera

Biowest is your reliable animal serum supplier. They offer animal sera from many different species and countries.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS)

Biowest's fetal bovine serum is extracted from clotted whole blood collected aseptically from the fetus. Each manufactured batch is rigorously controlled: starting with the collection of the serum, its treatment and production, to the final packaging on Biowest's premises.

  • Biowest sera delivers consistent cell growth over time and passages
  • Each batch is carefully quality tested under ISO 13485 and delivered with a Certificate of Analysis
  • Complete traceability from raw material to final bottle
  • Premium FBS with assured lot-to-lot consistency is available

Specialty FBS

Biowest also supplies speciality fetal bovine serum, such as heat-treated, charcoal-inactivated or Tet-free. See below for a selection of speciality FBS.

Other animal sera

Biowest also provides a wide range of animal sera, including calf serum, sheep serum, goat serum, horse serum, donkey serum, lamb serum, rabbit serum, pig serum, chicken serum, rat serum and mouse serum.

Product offering (selection)


S1810FBS, South AmericaDatasheet
S181BFBS, South America, premiumDatasheet
S1300FBS, South AfricaDatasheet
S1520FBS, USADatasheet
S1560FBS, Chile, USDA-approvedDatasheet


Specialty FBS

S181HFBS, South America, heat-inactivatedDatasheet
S181GFBS, South America, gamma-irradiatedDatasheet
S181FFBS, South America, charcoal-strippedDatasheet
S181MFBS, South America, exosome depletedDatasheet
S181TFBS, South America, Tet-freeDatasheet
S181SFBS, South America, for embryonic stem cellsDatasheet


Other animal sera

S0750New born calf serumDatasheet
S0910Horse serumDatasheet
S2000Goat serumDatasheet


Please contact us for additional FBS origins and/or additional speciality FBS. Alternatively, you can also visit our webshop.

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