T&T Scientific - the future of Liposome technology

T&T Scientific was founded with the goal of making your lipids and liposomes and lipid nanoparticles more effective and efficient. We develop our tools with you in mind so you can focus on what is important. We offer comprehensive line of products and services so you always have the support you need.

The NanoSizer MINI - never clean your extruder again

NanoSizer MINI is the world’s first fully assembled lipid, liposome, and liquid polymer and nanoparticle extruder allowing researchers to save time and money, and avoid any chance of batch to batch contaminations which could save valuable laboratory and pharmaceutical solutions. Faster, cleaner, and easier extrusion and sizing every single time. NanoSizer MINI not only allows for performing research with highest level of confidence of cleanliness, it will also save tremendous amount of time and money to maximize the efficiency of the work. No assembly, cleaning or contamination.

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