Tonbo Biosciences

About Tonbo Bio

Tonbo Biosciences was founded in 2011 by a team of immunologists, researchers and industry leaders, and conceived of a simple principle: giving back to the research community by providing high performance, value oriented products of the highest quality. Tonbo Bio has a portfolio of over 1'000 reagents and products, including fluorophore-conjugated antibodies, recombinant antibodies, various flow cytometry products and more.

Product offering

  • Various antibodies and related reagents (e.g. for flow cytometry)
  • Recombinant proteins (e.g. growth factors, proteases, cytokines)
  • ELISA kits
  • Endpoint PCR and RT-PCR reagents
  • Cell viability reagents such as Ghost Dyes™
  • Bulk sizes available

With research focus on immuno-oncology, innate immunity, adaptive immunity and apoptosis.