seqWell - Library preparation simplified

About seqWell

SeqWell is a biotech company based in Massachusetts, USA. Their plexWell™ platform is a transformative library prep technology with a wide range of applications from synthetic biology, targeted sequencing and single-cell analysis to low and high depth sequencing of human, plant, animal and microbial genomes. In addition, seqWell is also developing library preparation methods for reagent-based approaches for long-molecule phasing and read linking.

plexWell™ technology

Simple, scalable multiplexing

SeqWell's plexWell™ platform allows multiplexing from hundreds to thousands of samples with easy to use assay-ready plates. The workflow is simple and scalable and provides fewer handling steps downstream. plexWell™ saves you hours over conventional library prep by eliminating the need for time-intensive DNA normalization and library quantitation. Generate normalized libraries from a large number of samples with a wide range of input concentrations thanks to seqWell's proprietary reagent-based solution — no additional steps or equipment needed! Flyer with details


  • Simple & fast: Multiplex 1000’s of samples with ease using our kits
  • Normalization: Built-in normalization with every kit
  • Performance: Uniform insert sizes & sample read counts
  • Quality: Improved overall sequencing performance


  • Amplicons/plasmids, synthetic construct sequencing
  • scRNA-seq
  • Microbial sequencing
  • Low-pass whole genome sequencing
  • Small and large whole genomes


PW096plexWell 961x96well plate1'959.00
PW384plexWell 3844x96well plates6'141.00
PWGS24plexWell WGS 241 x 24well plate826.00
PWLP384plexWel LP 3844x96well plates6'141.00
PWP24plexWell Plus 241x96 well plate. but2'308.00