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Antibodies people trust

  • 100% original products – no third party suppliers, no duplicates
  • Whole protein raised antibodies
  • Full money back guarantee, covering all species and applications
  • Validation information available across a wide range of applications
  • New range of ELISA kits

Product offering

  • Monoclonal- and polyclonal antibodies
  • Tag- and control antibodies
  • ELISA kits
  • Fusion proteins
  • Custom production antibody service

The benchmark in antibodies

Proteintech is the only source of its antibodies – its scientists make every single antibody on sale in its catalog. You can only buy Proteintech antibodies from approved distributors. We do not sell any antibodies that have not passed our strict validation criteria of western blot and ELISA testing. Proteintech are currently developing their range of siRNA validated antibodies, raising the standard for antibody validation.