Protein Ark - A protein sample preparation company

About Protein Ark

Protein Ark provides high-quality and affordable products for the filtration and purification of proteins.

They offer various types of pre-packed and empty columns such as HiFliQ FPLC cloumns, FliQ FPLC columns, spin and mini spin columns, and Proteus columns (compatible with common chromatography instruments including ÄKTA™). Protein Ark's loose resins include Protein A & G, Co IMAC/Co-NTA, Ni IMAC/Ni-NTA chemistries, and more.

Product offering

  • Chromatography columns (FPLC, spin, affinity & protein purification; also for self-packing)
  • Columns for sample preparation & clarification (e.g. endotoxin removal NoEndoTM)
  • Various loose resins for affinity chromatography such as Super Ni-NTA
  • Biochemicals, e.g. TCEP

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