Norgen Biotek - Expert in sample collection & preparation

About Norgen: sample collection, preservation and isolation

Norgen Biotek has developed over 150 sample preparation kits for RNA, DNA, and protein purification for research purposes. Among these are world-leading kits for the isolation and purification of total RNA and microRNA from various types of samples (incl. FFPE), as well as novel multi-analyte kits that allow for the sequential isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins from the same sample using a single column with no sample splitting. In addition, Norgen has recently launched kits for nucleic-acid based diagnostics (research use only).

Norgen Biotek also has an extensive line of different products for the purification of RNA and DNA, including cell-free circulating nucleic acids, from liquid biopsy samples including urine, plasma, serum and blood.

Norgen Biotek also offers a full line of PCR reagents, buffers, molecular weight ladders and plastics/filtration devices.

Product offering

  • Sample collection, preservation and isolation (salive/stool/urine/blood; e.g. for microbiome analysis & metagenomics)
  • RNA and DNA purification kits
  • Cell-free RNA and cell-free DNA purification kits
  • miRNA NGS kits
  • Protein purification kits
  • Exosomes and exosomal RNA kits
  • Buffers and reagents (e.g. for PCR, NGS), DNA/RNA ladders
  • Plastics and filtration devices