Molecular Dimensions

The brand for protein crystallography

Molecular Dimensions is a world leading supplier of products for protein crystallography. These include modern screens, reagents, other consumables and instrumentation for protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM. Molecular Dimensions offers the most innovative range of products from the latest developments in structural biology research, e.g. RUBIC and Durham protein stability screens, the BCS screen, MIDASplus, Crystallophore No°1, Cryo-EM ngrdi-box storage pucks, the vial-less cryo-loop system, ClearVue QuickTear strips and DiffraX.

Molecular Dimensions is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and owned by Anatrace.

Product offering

  • Various crystallization screens & plates   NEW: The Small Molecule Anion Screen
  • Cryocristallography supplies (CryoVials, loops, dewars, cryoprotectants and more)
  • Cryo-EM supplies
  • Crystallophore No°1, a luminescent Terbium complex for better forming, finding and phasing of crystals
  • and more

Highlighted products

The Small Molecule Anion Screen

Developed by Dr. Bernhard Spingler from the University of Zurich and available from Molecular Dimensions, the Small Molecule Anion Screen offers speed, convenience, and the power of macromolecular high-throughput screening techniques for cation crystallization!

  • Increase your lab throughput with rapid screening for
    • Organic salts soluble in water down to 2 mg/ml
    • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
    • Coordination complexes
    • Peptides
    • Proteins with pI > 7
  • Screen 77 different anions
  • For  manual or robotic set-up: no specialist equipment required
  • Perfect for most crystallization protocols

Flyer    Screen conditions

MD1-125Small Molecule Anion Screen96 x 1 ml
MD1-125-UOSmall Molecule Anion Screen kit:
1 x Small Molecule Anion Screen (MD1-125),
5 x Swissci microbatch plates (MD11-41-UVP),
1 x Silicone 5cSt oil (MD2-08),
instructions for under-oil crystallization by hand or robot
1 kit
MD2-08Silicone 5cSt oil50 ml

The Durham Osmolyte Screen

This new screen is the third Durham screen developed. The Durham Osmolyte Screen (MD1-120, 96 x 0.5ml) lets you test which of over 50 osmolytes (carbohydrates, amino acids, polyols and NDSBs) helps stabilize your protein of interest. Osmolytes can be an advantage as they

  • often stabilize proteins as they are commonly present in the native protein environment
  • rarely affect protein function due to their neutral chemical characteristics
  • are uncharged, highly soluble organic molecules accumulated by microorganisms to balance high salt external environments

You can combine the Durham Osmolyte Screen  with the Durham Salt Screen and the Durham pH Screen for a more complete testing of your protein's crystallization environment. The screen data can then easily be analyzed with NAMI, a free-to-download  GUI-based software.

Crystallophore No°1