Molecular Dimensions


Molecular Dimensions is a world leading supplier of products for protein crystallography. These include modern screens, reagents, other consumables and instrumentation for protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography and Cryo-EM. Molecular Dimensions offers the most innovative range of products from the latest developments in structural biology research, e.g. RUBIC and Durham protein stability screens, the BCS screen, MIDASplus, Crystallophore No°1, Cryo-EM ngrdi-box storage pucks, the vial-less cryo-loop system, ClearVue QuickTear strips and DiffraX.

Molecular Dimensions is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and owned by Anatrace.

Product offering

  • Various crystallization screens & plates
  • Cryocristallography supplies (CryoVials, loops, dewars, cryoprotectants and more)
  • Cryo-EM supplies
  • Crystallophore No°1, a luminescent Terbium complex for better forming, finding and phasing of crystals
  • and more

About Crystallophore No°1