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MethylDetect offers ready-to-use kits for detection of aberrant gene methylation. The kits are based on the MS-HRM (methylation-sensitive high resolution melting) technology and can be used with standard laboratory equipment. Additionally, each kit is shipped with non- and fully methylated controls, providing state-of-the-art experimental reliability.

    Methylation-sensitive high resolution melting (MS-HRM)

    MS-HRM is a high-throughput technology for highly sensitive DNA methylation analysis of single loci. The technology utilizes the difference in melting properties of the PCR product amplified from methylated and unmethylated DNA strands after bisulfite conversion. The inclusion of standard DNA with known DNA methylation status ensures a highly sensitive read-out of the methylation of the test DNA.

    The innovative primer design for MS-HRM allows to overcome PCR bias and enables highly sensitive methylation detection even in samples where the methylated allele is significantly underrepresented. For details of primer design see PMID:18710507.

    Product offering

    MethylDetect's kits target over 750 genes, e.g. BRA1, CDH1, DAPK1, and many more. Each kit contains primer mix, methylation positive control, assay calibration control, and methylation negative control.

    Assays by MethylDetect are able to detect a very low content of methylated alleles of interest in a high background of non-methylated alleles. Suitable samples include:

    • Whole blood: only a specific type of cells may contain the methylated allele of interest and the vast majority of the cells contain non-methylated alleles
    • FFPE samples: the methylated allele in the DNA sample is underrepresented due to significant DNA degradation
    • liquid biopsies: only a few copies of the methylated allele may be present due to the nature of the sample

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