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LubioScience offers reagents for protein biochemistry, cell culture and general lab reagents of high quality.

AcuteBand Prestained Protein Ladder

A versatile, prestained protein ladder with a range of 6.5 to 270 kDa. 3 colored bands allow easy orientation. 100% electroblot transfer efficiency and fully compatible with the Licor system - just add secondar antibody, no pre-treatment necessary!

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QuickBlue Protein Stain

A true single-step protein dye. Immerse for 15 minutes, no destaining needed. Can be stored at RT, re-used up to 3 times and it's fully compatible with downstream MS applications. Give it a try - you'll never want to use anything else again!

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SureBlock Western blocking reagent

SureBlock™ is a bovine gelatine-based blocking agent for various applications, including Western blotting. Compared to BSA, it is more economical, has a higher blocking capacity and less background.

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Electroporation Cuvettes

Electroporation cuvettes efficiently transfer DNA and siRNA into a wide variety of cell types. While the color and shape of the caps may vary from brand to brand, all electroporation cuvettes must meet strict quality standards to ensure consistent pulse delivery and reproducible results. Our cuvettes meet and exceed every measurable qualification and parameter. And since they’re nearly half the price of most other brands, we ask: why pay more for the same quality?

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Disposable Hemocytometers

Load, count and toss! These slide-sized chips are compatible with any microscope and make cell counting a snap. More consistent than conventional glass hemocytometers, you'll never need to worry about cleaning, contamination or cracking!

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