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Biosearch Technologies™ provides products and services for genomic analysis that support mission critical applications for global customers in agrigenomics and human healthcare.

In addition, they provide the well-known Stellaris® RNA FISH probes.

Stellaris® RNA probes

Stellaris® RNA FISH is a RNA visualization method that allows simultaneous detection, localization, and quantification of individual mRNA molecules at the cellular level in fixed samples. This novel RNA FISH technology represents a fast and easy-to-use method to achieve conclusive results through compelling images of RNA expression.

Example references
Perry et al. Cell Reports 2016. Nucleolin-Mediated RNA Localization Regulates Neuron Growth and Cycling Cell Size
Anvar et al. Genome Biolog 2018. Full-length mRNA sequencing uncovers a widespread coupling between transcription initiation and mRNA processing
Torre et al. Cell Systems 2016. Rare Cell Detection by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing as Guided by Single-Molecule RNA FISH

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