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GeneTex - high quality antibodies

Antibody reliability

At GeneTex, stringent validation protocols have been established to test their antibodies for various applications, including WB, IP, IHC, IFA, FACS, and ELISA, using cell lines with known target protein expression levels and a diverse array of tissue samples. Quality consistency between lots is maintained through a combination of pre-qualified individual lots, dominant clones, and thorough quality control.

Antibody validation

In order to optimize performance, quality and specifity of their antibodies, GeneTex employs various analytic validation strategies. In order to validate their antibodies, they use these five pillar methods:

  • Knockout/Knockdown
  • Comparable antibodies
  • IP/MS analysis
  • Biological and orthogonal characteristics
  • Protein overexpression

Product offering


  • Primary antibodies (monoclonal, polyclonal)
  • Secondary antibodies (rabbit, mouse, goat and more)
  • Antibody panels (high-quality and highly cited antibodies in small amounts)
  • ELISA kits and antibody pairs
  • Isotype controls
  • Custom antibodies


  • Recombinant proteins and peptides
  • FFPE slides from cell lines, organs etc.
  • Lysates
  • Serums and plasmas from various animals
  • Reagents and research kits

GeneTex top ten

GTX213110-01Rabbit IgG antibody (HRP)1 ml181.00
GTX76655HLA-B7 antibody [BB7.1]100 ug386.00
GTX50875Trident Prestained Protein Ladder (High Range)500 ul157.00
GTX213111-01Mouse IgG antibody (HRP)1 ml181.00
GTX100118GAPDH antibody100 ul386.00
GTX627408GAPDH antibody [GT239]100 ul386.00
GTX109639beta Actin antibody100 ul386.00
GTX77272beta Lactoglobulin antibody1 ml217.00
GTX50329SHP2 (phospho Tyr580) antibody100 ul386.00
GTX629630beta Actin antibody [GT5512]100 ul386.00