Etaluma - Microscopy simplified

About Etaluma and the Lumascope - Compact, high resolution live cell imaging

Etaluma's Lumascope is a highly versatile, compact inverted fluorescence microscope that provides high resolution images comparable to those from traditional, high-cost microscopes. Lumascopes focus on quality images, versatility, compact design, ease of use, and amazingly low price.

Lumascopes utilize LED light sources, Semrock filters, advanced optical engineering, and CMOS sensors to provide near diffraction-limited (theoretical maximum) resolution. Powered only by a USB connection, Lumascopes easily record photos, time-lapse series, and live videos directly to your computer. And their compact size enable working in challenging locations, including inside incubators, biological safety cabinets, and environmental control workstations with remote control and image monitoring.

The inverted design accommodates microplates, flasks, dishes and custom labware in addition to slides that you can adjust by the Manual XY Stage (sold separately). Lumascopes come with Lumaview software that sends images directly to your computer via a USB cable, eliminating the need for on-board image storage and processing, and contributing to the compact size. Lumaview enables time-lapse studies over seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Live videos can be recorded at up to 30 frames per second.