Dakewe Biotech

About Dakewe

Founded in 1999, with headquarter in the metropolis Shenzhen and multiple subsidiary offices elsewhere, Dakewe Biotech Co., Ltd provides high-quality products and service not only within China but also to customers all around the world.
Their main business includes the development and manufacture of diagnostic reagents and medical devices.

Featured product: AnyKD PAGE kit

Make acrylamide gels in 20 minutes only, real easy!

The BioSciā„¢ NewFlash Protein AnyKD gel prep kit for SDS-PAGE is something between homebrew and precast, with many benefits!


  • Gel preparation in only 20 min
  • Fast, sequential pouring of separation and stacking gels
  • No TEMED needed
  • Separates 10kDa-250kDa perfectly
  • Compatible with many loading buffers
  • and more!

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