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Bio X Cell - Bulk antibodies for in vivo research

High quality bulk monoclonal antibodies

With over 300 monoclonal antibodies covering a diverse range of research areas, Bio X Cell is your source for purifed bulk antibodies. Bio X Cell products are manufactured in an animal free facility in tissue culture and purified by affinity chromatography. They are ultra-pure with extremely low endotoxin levels and contain no preservatives or stabilizers. Our reagent portfolio is specialized towards antibodies which are widely used for in vivo and in vitro antigen neutralization and pathway blockade as well as cell specific depletion.

All Bio X Cell products are significantly discounted for customers from academia!

InVivo Mab antibodies

  • Formulated for in vivo applications
  • Low endotoxin levels (< 2 EU/mg)
  • Azide and carrier protein free
  • Bulk quantities (mg to g)

InVivo Plus antibodies

  • Formulated for in vivo applications
  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels (< 1 EU/mg)
  • Aggregates validated at < 5%
  • Murine pathogen free

Isotype control antibodies

  • Non-targeting and isotype-specific controls
  • Available in InVivo Mab and InVivo Plus formats
  • Bulk sizes and high concentrations

InVivo Pure dilution buffers

  • Specially formulated dilution buffers
  • Non-toxic, non-antigenic
  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels (< 0.5 EU/mg)
  • Murine pathogen free

Other products

ReadyTag antibodies

These recombinant proteins are produced with a small antigenic sequence to which an antibody can bind specifically. The most commonly used of these tag epitopes include polyhistidine tag, HA tag, c-myc tag, as well as proteins like GFP and GST.

  • Formulated for in vivo applications
  • Low endotoxin levels (< 2 EU/mg)
  • Preservative, stabilizer, and carrier protein free

Fusion proteins

Fusion proteins are constructed by combining the binding domain of a cell surface receptor with the Fc portion of an antibody. The receptor portion functions as a decoy binding site to bind and capture ligand molecules that would otherwise bind to the endogenous receptor.

  • Recombinant antibody (hum/hum)
  • Available in InVivo Mab and InVivo Plus formats