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Atlas Antibodies

Antibodies validated by the human protein atlas (HPA)

Atlas Antibodies has a clear mission: To provide customers with advanced research reagents targeting all human proteins.

The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project released the first version of a complete tissue-based map of human protein expression using antibodies in November 2014. Atlas Antibodies now have over 18,000 antibodies covering 15,000 gene products - close to 95% of all possible human gene products.

Product offering

Atlas Antibodies offers

  • Triple A polyclonal antibodies
  • PrecisA monoclonal antibodies
  • Blocking Antigens
  • Antibody Panels (organelle markers, laminin markers, neuroscience markers, EMT markers)
  • Loading control antibodies

For IHC, WB and ICC-IF applications

What are the advantages of using Atlas Antibodies?

  • Made by researchers for researchers
  • Reproducible: unique purification process using the recombinant PrEST-antigen as the affinity ligand achieves the very highest level of reproducibility
  • Each Triple A Polyclonal antibody has been used for IHC-staining of samples from 708 individuals originating from normal and cancer afflicted human tissues. 
  • Versatile: superior versatility across applications including IHC, IF and WB
  • All Triple A Polyclonals are presented on the Human Protein Atlas portal with extensive IHC characterization data. The Human Protein Atlas presents the complete human proteome, a map of all major tissues and organs in the human body.