Anatrace - For membrane protein studies

About Anatrace

Anatrace develops and supplies the industry’s finest high-purity detergents and lipids. They are an internationally recognized leader and specialist in manufacturing reagents for membrane protein studies and custom chemical synthesis.

From compounds designed to disrupt cell membranes to products that stabilize or solubilize unstable macromolecules and proteins, Anatrace is always raising the bar.

Product offering

  • Detergents (e.g. DDM), specialty detergents & general purpose lab detergents
  • Lipids
  • Crystallization tools
  • Purification tools
  • Kits (to help you determine which detergent will work best for your project)
  • Coomassie stains
We can deliver the following products within 24hrs:
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Extraction and purification of membrane proteins

Ni-NTA resin
Anatrace's Super Nickel Resin (Cat.-N° SUPER-NINTA25 & SUPER-NINTA100) is their gold standard for His-tag protein purification. It has the highest tolerance for reducing agents such as DTT (up to 10 mM) or 2-ME (up to 20 mM) and has a superior stability to EDTA (up to 1.5 mM).

This synthetic substitute for Digitonin eliminates batch-to-batch variabilty. In addition, GDN does not not contain the harmful toxic byproducts typically found in Digitonin.

The removal of membrane proteins with detergents can change protein structure and interfere with function, stability and, of course, correct structural analysis. Diisobutylene Maleic Acid (DIBMA) is  a detergent-free polymer system designed to stabilize membrane proteins and avoid the disadvantages of detergents.