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Why use recombinant engineered antibodies instead of monoclonal antibodies?

  • More than 40% of all available monoclonals are not monospecific
  • Spuriously expressed light chains in hybridomas may result in monoclonals with off-target speficities
  • Using e.g. rat monoclonals in mouse in vivo studies leads to antibody clearance by the immune system

Advantages of recombinant engineered antibodies

  • Defined recombinant antibody with known sequence and specificity for one target only
  • Availabilty of many different frameworks: different species, isotypes, subtypes and even formats (scFb, Fab, bispecific)
  • Can be expressed and purified in large quantities

Available formats

Antibody formatHumanMouseRatArmenian hamsterRabbitGoatRhesus MacaqueSheep
Fc domains      


Case study: recombinant anti CD8 vs rat IgG anti CD8 in vivo

CD8+T-cell population in mice treated with anti-CD8 antibodies for depletion and isotype controls. Mouse IgG2a format is shown in purple and Rat IgG2b is shown in blue. Injections of 250 μg every 4 days. The recombinant anti CD8 antibody (mouse IgG2a) maintains T-cell depletion for over 60 days, whereas the rat IgG2B antibody loses efficacy after two weeks. Unpublished data, courtesy and property of the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Absolute Antibody offers recombinant engineered antibodies and engineering services

  • Recombinant mouse anti-mouse antibodies
  • Research-grade biosimilars
  • Fc Silent antibodies
  • Reformatted antibodies for non-human primate research
  • Hybridoma and monoclonal sequencing services
  • Recombinant antibody engineering and expression

Recombinant antibodies for immunotherapy research

  • Your favourite research tools, now updated through antibody engineering for improved performance in vivo
  • Reduce immunogenicity by matching antibody species to your host organism
  • Tailor effector function by choosing from our range of antibody isotypes and subtypes

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Antibody product ranges

Antibodies for in vivo use

Anti-allergen antibodies

Anti-virus antibodies

DNA/RNA research antibodies

Recombinant human antibodies

Re-engineered Fc Silent RPM1-14 anti PD1

Our re-enigeered anti PD1 antibody is derived from the rat IgG2a clone RMB1-14. The variable domains wer transferred into our proprietary Fc Silent syngenic mouse IgG2a framework in order to decrease immunogenicity and to increase bioavailability.

in a mouse HEP-16 liver cancer model, the re-engineered PD1 antibody showed a significantly higher potency with fewer injections needed, and an overall more robust treatment response than its conventional counterpart.

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Research grade biosimilars

Our research grade biosimilars are tools for the study and evaluation of biological processes without the need to source costly therapeutic grade biologics. Free of excipients and/or additives found in the therapeutic formulations, our biosimilars require fewer extra controls in an experimental setting. In addition to the original human format, our biosimilars are available with mouse, rabbit, rhesus monkey and cynomolgus monkey constant domains.

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Antibody sequencing and engineering services

Absolute Antibody has developed a proprietary cloning system to enable rapid reformatting of antibodies into almost any format:

Antibody sequencing

Antibody engineering

Antibody expression

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