Abcepta - Antibodies for research and drug development

Abcepta - Antibodies and proteins for research

Abcepta develops primary antibodies & provides first-in-class custom peptide synthesis & antibody development. Their antibodies are widely used for Autophagy, Apotosis, Stem Cells, Phosphorylation, Cell Function & Gene Regulation research. Synthesis of difficult peptides, including long peptides, is a core competency. High-quality, rapid turnaround & personal support is guaranteed by Abcepta.

Product offering

  • Mono- and polyclonal antibodies
  • Peptides
  • Cell and tissue lysates

Abcepta Crown antibodies

Abcepta offers a range of antibodies which are validated according to the 5 pillars initiative. Crown antibodies pass additional stringent quality requirements, including extended control sets, uniform results against multiple biologically relevant cell lines and tissues, and function in multiple applications.

  • All western blots show bands at the correct molecular weight, and any deviation or additional bands have been verified to be due to post translational modifications, isoforms, or cleavage.
  • Results are supported by peer reviewed literature and/or by the most relevant bioinformatics sites, i.e. Human Protein Atlas.
  • Many of these products are validated and optimized in additional applications including immunofluorescence and subcellular localization is verified using peer reviewed literature.
  • New lots are verified to perform as well or better than the previous lots in each application and species tested.

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