Abgent - Antibodies for research and drug development

About Abgent

Abgent, a WuXi AppTec company, develops primary antibodies & provides first-in-class custom peptide synthesis & antibody development. Their antibodies are widely used for Autophagy, Apotosis, Stem Cells, Phosphorylation, Cell Function & Gene Regulation research. Synthesis of difficult peptides, including long peptides, is a core competency. High-quality, rapid turnaround & personal support is guaranteed by Abgent.

Product offering

  • Mono- and polyclonal antibodies
  • Peptides

Introducing Abgent "crown" antibodies

At Abgent, we understand the need for an antibody to perform the first and every time used. Having served the research and drug discovery community for over a decade, we understand the importance of in-house development in terms of product consistency, validation, and availability.

At Abgent, the majority of our antibodies are produced in-house, and these antibodies undergo a rigorous validation process by Abgent scientists. Moreover, a number of our most important antibodies meet highly aggressive quality requirements. These products, and many more under review and development, are labeled with a "Crown."

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