About ABclonal

Based in Massachusetts, USA, ABclonal provides high-quality, personalized biology research reagents and services. In addition to their large catalog of off-the-shelf products such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA kits and more, they also offer custom services.

Product offering

  • Antibodies: antibody duos (sets of primary & secondary abs; also one-step), KO-validated, polyclonal/monoclonal, with or without post translational modifications
  • Recombinant proteins: immune checkpoint, CD antigens, cytokines and many more
  • ELISA kits for many species, from human and mouse to canine and chicken.
  • NGS Library Prep kits (DNA, RNA)
  • Molecular biology tools, incl. DNA polymerases, restriction endonucleases and Western blot buffers

Custom services

  • Antibodies: mouse and rabbit
  • Peptides: no minimum length of amino acids required; success rates higher than 98%
  • ProteinsE. coli expression system, insect cell expression system, and mammalian expression system