DNA promo: 25% OFF electrophoresis & reverse transcription

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Electrophoresis combi pack

This combi pack contains the Mupid-ONE DNA Electrophoresis System (cat.no. MU2), the Mupid-ONE LED Illuminator (cat.no. MU4) and 1ml of MIDORI Green Xtra (cat.-no. MG10).

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FastGene Scriptase II cDNA Kit (100 rxns)

The FastGeneĀ® Scriptase II has a modified RNase H domain. The RNA is therefore not degraded and serves as a template for longer cDNAs, resulting in fragment size of up to 12 kBp.This cDNA Kit (cat.-no. LS63) contains FastGene Scriptase II, enzyme buffer, dNTPs, Oligo dTs, random hexamers and RNase inhibitor.

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FastGene Scriptase II cDNA 5x Ready-Mix (100 rxns)

This ReadyMix (cat.-no. LS64) comes with all necessary ingredients to perform a revers transcription:

  • FastGeneĀ® Scriptase II
  • 5x FastGeneĀ® Scriptase II buffer
  • dNTP Mixture
  • RNase Inhibitor
  • Random Hexamer
  • Helper Protein

285.- CHF instead of 380.- CHF   Buy now