Electrophoresis imaging: 20% off Blue/Green LED technology

Still using UV? Change to safe Blue/Green LED now!

Visualizing your DNA and RNA gels with UV has two big disadvantages: First, UV light is harmful to you and you need to take precautions, and second, UV can damage your probes, reducing your hard work's output.

Nippon Genetics' Blue/Green LED technology prevents this: They use wavelengths that are safe (470-520nm) for you and that do not damage your DNA and RNA, as shown in the experiment below testing colony growth after transformation. And as they use a range of wavelengths instead of just Blue LED, you can visualize green dyes such as SYBR Green and MidoriGreen, and also red dyes including GelRed and of course, EtBr.

(Btw, if you are considering changing to a non-toxic nucleotide dye, MidoriGreen might be for you. Read more here or ask for a sample here). 

Devices on sale

The FAS-Digi PRO

Visualize your gel with blue/green LED and take digital pictures with a high resolution Canon camera. Imaging software included.

Cat-No.ItemRegular PricePromo Price
GP-07LEDFastGene FAS-Digi PROCHF 5'070CHF 4'056


FAS-Digi PRO specifications

  • Complete GelDoc system
  • Safe Blue/Green LED lightbox
  • 24Mpixel camera with APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Easy-to-use image software (included)

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If you want something more high-end than the FAS-Digi PRO.

Cat-No.ItemRegular PricePromo Price
GP-FAS-VFastGene FAS-V Geldoc SystemCHF 9'463CHF 7'570


FAS-V specification

  • Highend GelDoc system
  • Blue/Green LED and white light
  • CCD sensor
  • Standalone system

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Blue/Green GelPic LED

A compact device to photograph your DNA/RNA gels and more.

Cat-No.ItemRegular PricePromo Price
GP-04LEDFastGene Blue/Green GelPic LED BoxCHF 3'408CHF 2'726


LED GelPic Box specifications

  • Affordable GelDoc system
  • Safe Blue/Green LED and white light
  • Standalone system
  • Compact in size

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Blue/Green LED Transilluminator XL

Extra-large transilluminator for safe visualization and band extraction.

Cat-No.ItemRegular PricePromo Price
FG-09FastGene Blue/Green LED Transilluminator XLCHF 2'094CHF 1'675


Transilluminator XL specifications

  • Large illuminated area: 26 x 21 cm
  • Safe Blue/Green LED light: no protective eyewear needed, no DNA degradation
  • Amber filter included: see your bands without amber goggles
  • Practical to excise bands, e.g. with the gel band cutter FG-830

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Mupid-One Electrophoresis System

One of the most convenient DNA separation systems on the market, with novel features including a separated power supply and heat-resistant gel trays.

Cat-No.ItemRegular PricePromo Price
MU2Mupid-One Electrophoresis SystemCHF 774CHF 619

Mupid-OneTM Specifications

  • Compact design: 183 x 59 x162 mm (B x H x L)
  • Seven output voltages: 18, 25, 35, 50, 70, 100, 135 V
  • Safety lid: Only power when lid is on
  • Heat resistant gel trays: you can pour your gel solution even when hot (max. 100°C)
  • Gel casting set included: 4 combs, 3 gel trays (2x small, 1x large)
  • Multichannel pipette compatible combs (spacing size 9 mm for 13 wells)
  • Memory function & timer: saves the parameters of your last run

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The FastGene Ultra Cycler Gradient

PCR machine with gradient. Simply put: quality at a fair price.

Cat-No.ItemRegular PricePromo Price
FG-TC01FastGene UltraCycler GradientCHF 4'318CHF 3'454


UltraCycler Gradient specifications

  • 7°C per second ramp speed
  • Programmable gradient
  • Extremely quiet

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