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Genomics? We've got you covered! Test IDT reagents for free! Details below.

DNA and RNA oligos


  • Proprietary synthesis platform ensures coupling efficiency > 99%
  • Highest percentage of full-length oligos in industry
  • All oligos QC'd by ESI-MS

Our offer

  • Receive up to 10 DNA oligos (25 nmole scale, desalted, no mods) for free
  • Contact us and quote "TryIDTOligos"

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Synthetic genes


  • Double stranded DNA fragments, 125 to 3000 bp
  • Fully sequence-verified
  • Fast turnaround times

Our offer

  • Receive a gBlock up to 500 bp in length for free
  • Contact us and quote "TryIDTgBlocks"

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CRISPR-Cas9 starter kit


  • All reagents for a complete gene editing experiment
  • 2 crRNAs, tracrRNA, Cas9 protein, controls, genome editing detection kit

Our offer

  • Receive 5% off your first order of a CRISPR-Cas9 starter kit
  • Contact us and quote "StartCRISPR"

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qPCR assays and probes


  • Predesigned assays for human, mouse, rat
  • Custom primer and probe design tool
  • Assays priced at less than half of competitor's assays

Our offer

  • Receive a free predesigned mini qPCR assay (100 rxn)
  • Contact us and quote "MINIME"

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Promotion conditions: promo codes must be quoted with the order. Promotion valid for first time IDT customers only. Cannot be combined with other promotions.