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GEFs, small G-proteins, and Activation Assays special offer

Buy one kit and at least one other item and get 20% discount on both! This offer includes the highly cited Activation Assay Kits used to measure the GTP-bound form of small G-proteins such as Ras and Rho, and items such as K-Ras mutated proteins and SOS1 GEF proteins.

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Quote CYTO19-2. Valid from March 1st until April 15th, 2019.

Cytoskeleton's Activation Assay Kits

Cytoskeleton is a leader in providing the scientific community with the most robust, accurate, and time-saving kits to measure Small GTP-binding protein (SmG) activation. SmGs are involved in regulating cell signaling pathways and impact a wide range of cellular processes, functions, and morphology. Cytoskeleton offers two formats.

The traditional pull-down format, in which affinity beads are incubated with the extract and then separated by centrifugation. The pelleted products are separated by SDSPAGE and blotted onto a membrane for Western analysis of the SmG of interest.

The G-LISA® format, a modified ELISA which has the affinity reagent permanently attached to the wells of a 96-well plate. The extract is incubated in the well, then washed, and finally probed with primary and secondary antibodies. The G-LISA® enables more sensitive applications, e.g. measurement in limited primary cell numbers and Matrigel 3D matrices.

Kits exist for different SmGs, such as Rho, Rac, Arf1 & 6, Ras, Cdc42, and Ral.

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Selection from eligible products list

BK150RhoA ELISA Kit96 assays713.00
BK035Rac1 Pulldown Activation AssayKit50 assays1'026.00
BK126Rac1 G-LISA Activation Assay Kit96 assays1'265.00
BK100GEF Exchange Assay60-300 assays951.00
BK105GAP Assay Kit80-160 assays951.00
CN03-ARho activator II3 x 20 ug328.00
ACD03Anti-Cdc42 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody2 x 200 ul504.00