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Cytoskeleton's Acti-stain™ allows you to visualize in detail the cytoskeleton of fixed cells. Acti-stain™ is a fluorescent phalloidin specially designed to only bind to the native quaternary structure of F-actin. Therefore, Acti-stain™ has a much lower background compared to antibodies, which bind to both monomer and filamentous actin. Also,  Acti-stain™ bleaches less quickly compared to traditional dyes such as fluorescein. More about Acti-stain™


Why use Cytoskeleton?

  • Purest actins available
  • Live cell actin probes
  • Fluorescent Phalloidins
  • User friendly kit formats

Products eligible for this promotion

AAN01-AAnti-actin antibody (rabbit polyAb) + control1 x 100 ug413.00
AB07-AActin protein (biotin, rabbitskeletal muscle)5 x 20 ug462.00
AB07-CActin protein (biotin, rabbitskeletal muscle)20 x 20 ug1'202.00
AD99-AActin protein (bovine cardiacmuscle, >99% pure)1 x 1 mg189.00
AD99-BActin protein (bovine cardiacmuscle, >99% pure)5 x 1 mg713.00
AKF99-APre-formed actin filaments (rabbit skeletal muscle)1 x 1 mg295.00
AKF99-BPre-formed actin filaments (rabbit skeletal muscle)5 x 1 mg958.00
AKL95-BActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >95% pure)1 x 1 mg173.00
AKL95-CActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >95% pure)5 x 1 mg532.00
AKL99-AActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >99% pure)4 x 250 ug316.00
AKL99-BActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >99% pure)2 x 1 mg372.00
AKL99-CActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >99% pure)5 x 1 mg699.00
AKL99-DActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >99% pure)10 x 1 mg1'272.00
AKL99-EActin protein (rabbit skeletalmuscle, >99% pure)20 x 1 mg2'123.00
APHL99-AActin protein (human plateletnon-muscle, >99% pure)2 x 250 ug323.00
APHL99-CActin protein (human plateletnon-muscle, >99% pure)1 x 1 mg448.00
APHL99-EActin protein (human plateletnon-muscle, >99% pure)5 x 1 mg1'481.00
APHR-AActin protein (rhodamine, human platelet non-muscle)4 x 10 ug448.00
APHR-CActin protein (rhodamine, human platelet non-muscle)20 x 10 ug1'286.00
AP05-AActin protein (pyrene, rabbitskeletal muscle)1 x 1 mg325.00
AP05-BActin protein (pyrene, rabbitskeletal muscle)5 x 1 mg1'202.00
APUF01-AProfilin polyclonal antibody (host rabbit) + control1 x 50 ug399.00
AR05-BActin protein (rhodamine, rabbit skeletal muscle)10 x 20 ug434.00
AR05-CActin protein (rhodamine, rabbit skeletal muscle)20 x 20 ug797.00
AS99-AActin protein (chicken gizzardmuscle, >99% pure)1 x 1 mg189.00
AS99-BActin protein (chicken gizzardmuscle, >99% pure)5 x 1 mg713.00
BK001Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Kit30-100 assays1'062.00
BK003Actin Polymerization Biochem Kit30-100 assays1'202.00
BK005F-Actin Visualization Kit300 slides546.00
BK013Actin Binding Protein Spin-Down Assay Kit (Non-muscle)30-100 assays1'069.00
BK037G-Actin : F-Actin In Vivo Assay Kit30-100 assays1'020.00
BSA01-001General Actin Buffer1 x 10 ml145.00
BSA01-010General Actin Buffer1 x 100 ml258.00
BSA02-001Actin Polymerization Buffer (10x stock)1 x 2 ml145.00
BSA04-001ATP (100mM Stock)1 x 1 ml145.00
CF01-ACofilin (Human Recombinant)1 x 100 ug392.00
CF01-CCofilin (Human Recombinant)4 x 100 ug1'139.00
CS-MH03Heavy Meromyosin Protein (HMMFragment)1 x 100 ug504.00
CS-MYS03Myosin S1 Fragment (Cardiac),Bovine cardiac1 x 250 ug420.00
CS-MYS04Myosin S1 Fragment (Skeletal),Rabbit skeletal1 x 250 ug420.00
CS-MYS05Myosin S1 Fragment (smooth), Chicken gizzard1 x 250 ug420.00
TFC01Actin Thin Filaments (Bovine cardiac)1 x 1 mg888.00
CS-TT05Tropomyosin / Tropomodulin Complex, Bovine cardiac1 x 1 mg448.00
HPG6-AGelsolin (recomb. Human)4 x 20 ug504.00
HPG6-BGelsolin (recomb. Human)20 x 20 ug1'523.00
MH01-AMyosin: Heavy Meromyosin4 x 50 ug420.00
MY02-AMyosin Skeletal Muscle5 x 1 mg399.00
MY02-BMyosin Skeletal Muscle20 x 1 mg1'160.00
MY03-AMyosin Cardiac Muscle5 x 1 mg399.00
MY03-BMyosin Cardiac Muscle20 x 1 mg1'160.00
PHDG1-AActi-stain 488 phalloidin1 x 500 ul314.00
PHDH1-AActi-stain 555 phalloidin1 x 500 ul314.00
PHDR1Rhodamine Phalloidin (14 uM inmethanol)1 x 500 ul314.00
PHDN1-AActi-stain 670 phalloidin1 x 500 ul314.00
PR02-AProfilin 1 (recombinant humanno tag)1 x 100 ug295.00
PR02-BProfilin 1 (recombinant humanno tag)1 x 500 ug574.00
RP01P-AArp2/3 Protein Complex (Porcine brain)2 x 50 ug602.00
RP01P-BArp2/3 Protein Complex (Porcine brain)6 x 50 ug1'516.00
VCG03-AVCA domain of WASP (GST fusion)1 x 500 ug713.00

Quote CYTO19-4 for offer. Valid from July 22 through September 7, 2019.