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Actin visualization: Buy one & get the next one 50% off!

For select products of actin research: buy one and get the next item of equal or lesser value 50% off!

Valid from January 15 through February 28, 2019. Quote CYTO19-1 for offer.

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Cytoskeleton's Acti-stain™ allows you to visualize in detail the cytoskeleton of fixed cells. Acti-stain™ is a fluorescent phalloidin specially designed to only bind to the native quaternary structure of F-actin. Therefore, Acti-stain™ has a much lower background compared to antibodies, which bind to both monomer and filamentous actin. Also,  Acti-stain™ bleaches less quickly compared to traditional dyes such as fluorescein. More about Acti-stain™

The G-switch™ line of small G-protein tools are highly potent reagents that target endogenous Rho family proteins and pathways. In contrast to over-expression or knockdown methods, G-switch™ reagents act rapidly on the endogenous target protein (in minutes to hours), thereby optimizing the chance of generating a more physiologically relevant response. They can be used in live-cell imaging or in combination with the Acti-stains™ (see image). More about G-switch™

Products eligible for this promotion

Cat.-NoProduct descriptionSize
PHDG1-AActi-stain™ 488 phalloidin (very stable green fluorescence, fixed cell stain)1 x 500 ul
PHDH1-AActi-stain™ 555 phalloidin (very stable red fluorescence, fixed cell stain)1 x 500 ul
PHDN1-AActi-stain™ 670 phalloidin (far-red fluorescence, fixed cell stain)1 x 500 ul
PHDR1Rhodamine phalloidin1 x 500 ul
CN01-A  -BRho activator5x10 units / 20 x 10 units
CN02-A  -BRac and Cdc42 activator5x10 units / 20 x 10 units
CN03-A  -B
Rho activator II3 x 20 ug / 9 x 20 ug /
1 large quantities
CN04-A  -BRho/Rac/Cdc42 activator I3 x 20 ug / 9 x 20 ug
Cell permeable Rho inhibitor (C3 transferase based)1 x 20 ug / 5 x 20 ug / 20 x 20 ug /
1 large quantites