Cytoskeleton: 20% off tubulin and microtuble products

Since 1993, Cytoskeleton has provided purified tubulin proteins and userfriendly kits to the scientific community. They continually strive to provide the purest, most biologically active, and most relevant tubulin proteins, kits, and reagents for today‚Äôs researchers.

Quote CYTO19-5 and receive 20% off tubulin and microtubule products (complete list of affected items here). Valid until October 31, 2019.

Selection of affected products (discount not yet applied to price)

BK011PTubulin Polymerization Assay (fluoresc-96assays porcine brain tubulin)96 assays1'265.00
BK006PTubulin Polymerization Assay Kit (>99% pure porcine brain tubulin)24 assays1'237.00
BK029Microtubule Binding Protein Spin Down Assay Kit30-100 assays986.00
T240-ATubulin (porcine brain, >99% pure)1 x 1 mg204.00
T240-CTubulin (porcine brain, >99% pure)20 x 1 mg2'472.00
T333P-ATubulin (Biotin Conjugate; Porcine Brain)5 x 20 ug504.00
MT002-XLMicrotubules Pre-formed MotorATPase ready(porcine)1 x 10 mg1'795.00
CP01-ACENP-E Motor domain ( x 25 ug504.00
FTZ02-BFtsZ Protein (Staphylococcus aureus recombinant plus 6xHis tag)5 x 1 mg2'353.00
ATN02Anti-tubulin polyAb pan specific (sheep)2 x 100 ul462.00