Rapid ELISA kit promo: Buy 2 get 1 free!

Buy any Biosensis 2-plate Rapid™ ELISA kit (or any 2 Rapid™ Multi-Neurotrophin kits, or 2 Rapid™ Combo BDNF kits) and get any 1-plate Rapid™ ELISA kit for FREE!


  • Buy 1x BEK-2211-2P Mature BDNF Rapid ELISA Kit (2 plates), and get 1x BEK-2213-1P NGF Rapid ELISA Kit (1 plate) for free.
  • Buy 1x BEK-2231 Multi-Neurotrophin Rapid Screening ELISA Kit and 1x BEK-2240 Mature BDNF/proBDNF Combo Rapid ELISA Kit, get BEK-2211-1P Mature BDNF Rapid ELISA Kit (1 plate) for free.

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Valid until June 30, 2019. One order per customer.

Why use Biosensis Rapid ELISA kits?

  • Speed They are faster than regular ELISA kits - without compromising on accuracy or assay sensitivity!
  • Quality They are manufactured and performance-controlled by Biosensis.
  • Versatility They can be used on many different sample types (blood, urine, cell culture, tissue extracts).

RapidTM ELISA kits: Watch how fast and simple they are!