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Reagents and tools for Western blotting

Validated antibodies for Western blotting

If you perform Western blotting studies, trust in antibodies from Proteintech. Proteintech has been making antibodies since 2002 and takes pride in only marketing antibodies that have been fully validated for Western blotting. If you buy a Proteintech antibody you get the following advantages:

  • All antibodies developed and manufactured in-house
  • Antibodies are made against full-length proteins
  • Stringent validation usinf whole cell lysates, not just peptides
  • Antibodies are fully qualified for Western blot studies

SureBlock - the high capacity blocking agent for Western blotting

SureBlock™ is a bovine gelatine-based blocking agent for various applications, including Western blotting. Compared with BSA, it is more economical, has a higher blocking capacity and less background.


  • Western blot / Dot blot
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Surface coating
  • Gene-chip Technology (replacement of acetylated BSA)


  • Better blocking capacity than BSA
  • Virtually no background in Western blotting
  • Increased signal-to-noise ratio in ELISA
  • Solubility guaranteed up to 50 % [w/v] at 4°C 
  • More economical than BSA

SureBlock™ is a replacement for our previous TopBlock products (TB232010) and is identical in chemical composition and formulation.

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Product listing

SB232010-50GSureBlock blocking agent50 g
SB232010-250GSureBlock blocking agent250 g
SB232010-500GSureBlock blocking agent500 g
SB232010-1000GSureBlock blocking agent1000 g

GoBlot - the solution for automated Western blotting

Since its introduction, the GOBlot Western Blot Processor has saved an estimated and collective 40,000 hours of valuable research time.  GOBlot is a reliable fluid delivery device for reproducibly probing blots and membranes with primary and secondary antibodies in a fully automated fashion. Prefill buffer and antibody solution tanks, place your membrane and walk away.

No expensive consumables, allows recycling of your primary antibody

The GOBlot allows the operator to load up of their own membranes, add their blocking solution, primary and secondary antibodies. Plus, the GOBlot makes it easy to recycle your primary antibody.

Choice of four routines

Choose from the four pre-loaded routines.Then press the start button and walk away. Return after four hours to develop your blot using fluorescence, chemiluminescence or another method of detection.

Modular and economical

The machine is designed to be modular and economical so that you utilize multiple machines running at different times with different routines and different antibodies, in other words, it’s very flexible for multiple users. Also being modular means that you can add new units when the budget allows or your project demands it.

Product listing

WBM01GoBlot automated Western blot processor1 each