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Precast gels

FastGene precast protein gels

FastGene┬« Precast Protein Gels are available as homogenous and gradient gels in different sizes. They are formulated with a neutral pH and therefore exhibit reduced hydrolysis of polyacrylamide, increased gel stability and superior band resolution. Further advantages include extra tall wells to avoid contamination across lanes, higher transfer efficiency and a shelf life of 12 months, in addition to the cheaper price.

The gels are compatible with gel electrophoresis tanks from Thermo Fisher, Bio-Rad, Lonza and Hoefer.

FastGene 10x8 cm gels

Compatible with:

  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN┬« II & 3
  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN┬« Tetra System
  • Hoefer Mighty Small (SE 250) II mini
  • Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 260) II Deluxe 
PG-S420FastGene 10x8 gels4-20%1210 pcs
PG-S412FastGene 10x8 gels4-12%1210 pcs
PG-S816FastGene 10x8 gels8-16%1210 pcs
PG-S012FastGene 10x8 gels12%1210 pcs


FastGene 10x10 cm gels

Compatible with:

  • Thermo Fisher Novex and Bolt systems
  • Lonza PAGEr mini gels
  • Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 260) II Deluxe 
PG-L420FastGene 10x10 gels4-20%1210 pcs
PG-L012FastGene 10x10 gels12%1210 pcs