GDN - Digitonin's synthetic alternative

Still using Digitonin to stabilize your membrane proteins?

Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to GDN

1. No risk of toxic byproducts

While digitonin is a natural product and can contain harmful byproducts such as digitoxin and digoxin, GDN is produced synthetically, without toxins.

2. No batch-to-batch variation

Again, as a synthetic product, GDN has the benefit of not varying between batches as digitonin does.

3. Lower CMC

GDN's critical micelle concentration is 18uM - way lower than digitonin's 0.25-0.5 mM!

4. Better water solubility

With ≥10% water-solubility at RT, GDN beats digitonin even here!

5. It’s cheaper!

For example, 500mg GDN costs CHF 168.- vs. over 300.- for digitonin!

Have we convinced you yet?

At LubioScience, we offer Anatrace’s high-quality GDN101 (≥98% purity by HPLC analysis) in multiple sizes between 500 mg and 100 g

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As we have this product in stock (5g size GDN1015GM), we can offer it at 24h delivery for customers in Switzerland.