Custom DNA oligos

Failed clonings? PCR not working?

It may be your oligos

Many oligonucleotide manufacturers use standard equipment to synthesize oligos, resulting in very low coupling efficiencies. The result is a heterogeneous mix of complete and incomplete (truncated) oligos. In fact, many manufacturers deliver oligos containing less than 50% full-lenght product!

This means more than half of the oligos in your tube are truncated and missing one or more nucleotides from the original sequence. These oligos create artifacts, such as decreased cloning efficiencies, failed PCR reactions or mistakes in your final construct.

IDT has developed proprietary synthesizers and methods and therefore achieves an unparalleled coupling efficiency of > 98%. This directly translates into high quality oligos for your research - an average of 81% full-length oligo vs 54% for the competition (see the data below).

Don't believe it? We've done a direct comparison

We tested 32 oligos of different lengths synthesized either by IDT or by a direct competitor. The resulting oligos were analyzed by capillary electrophoresis to determine the percentage of full-length product in each tube. The green peak denotes the full-length oligo, the red peaks indicate truncated byproducts. IDT: 92% full-length product. Competitor: 52% full-length product. This oligo would have been rejected by IDT's quality control.

The complete dataset is shown in the bar graph on the right. On average, IDT's tubes contained 81% full-length oligos, whereas Competitor's only contained 54% full-length oligos. More than half of Competitor's oligos would have failed IDT's quality control and would have been remade.

Our offer: experience IDT's quality for yourself

In order to convince you of IDT's oligo quality we offer 10 DNA oligos (25 nmole scale, desalted, no modifications) for free.

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