Don't trash your research - trash your bad oligos instead

Are you sure you are using the best oligos for your research? Have you experienced:

  • Failed clonings
  • Inefficient PCRs
  • Abnormal qPCR results

The reason may be the oligos you are using

Many oligonucleotide manufacturers use standard equipment to synthesize oligos, resulting in very low coupling efficiencies. The result is a heterogeneous mix of complete and incomplete (truncated) oligos. In fact, many manufacturers deliver oligos containing less than 50% full-lenght product!

Oligo quality - comparison between IDT and a direct competitor

  • 32 oligos of different lengths synthesized either by IDT or by a direct competitor
  • Oligos were analyzed by capillary electrophoresis to determine the percentage of full-length product in each tube
  • Green peaks denote full-length oligo, red peaks indicate truncated byproducts
  • IDT: average 92% full-length product, competitor: average 52% full-length product
  • More than half of competitor's oligos would have been rejected by IDT's quality control!

Our offer: experience IDT's quality for yourself

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