AffinityPlus probes

Introducing AffinityPlus probes from IDT

Affordable Locked Nucleic Acid probes

Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) probes are commonly used to increase the specificity of qPCR probes in challenging applications, such as SNP detection in FFPE samples. IDT now offers AffinityPlus probes, which contain LNAs at a very affordable price.

Use AffinityPlus probes to:

  • Improve performance in a variety of hybridization-based applications
  • Manage sequence Tm, resulting in greater hybridization specificity
  • Improve stability and exonuclease resistance of your qPCR probes

AffinityPlus probes can be easily designed using IDT's online design tools and can be ordered directly on IDT's Swiss portal.

Our offer: Trade in your existing LNA probes and move to AffinityPlus probes! Contact us for more information: