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RNA and DNA purification

The successful extraction and purification of RNA/DNA is an important step in your research—and we are here to make sure you do not have to worry about it.

Norgen Biotek offers a wide range of purification and clean-up kits for RNA and DNA. Their kits let you isolate different types of nucleic acids, including miRNA and plasmid DNA. Among Norgen’s kits, you will also find some specially developed to work with difficult types of samples, e.g. FFPE.

Another set of useful products by a different brand are the Centri-Sep and Centri-Spin columns for quick DNA clean-up after e.g. PCR.


RNA purification

  • RNA isolation kits for all types of samples
  • Extract high quality & high purity total RNA including miRNA
  • No phenol step required
  • Bind & elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias

Total RNA purification, including miRNA

For the purification of total RNA - including microRNA - with rapid gDNA removal

  • Extract high quality & purity total RNA including miRNA
  • No phenol step required; isolate all RNA in one fraction
  • Genomic DNA Removal Column for efficient elimination of gDNA
  • Bind & elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias
  • Efficiently extract small RNA irrespective of GC content
  • Very sensitive & linear down to a few cells without the need for carrier RNA
  • Convenient & fast spin column format
  • Isolate from a wide variety of specimens

Simultaneously isolate RNA, DNA and proteins from the same sample

For sequential isolation of total RNA, genomic DNA and total proteins from the same sample.

  • Sequentially purify total RNA (and miRNA), DNA and proteins from a single sample
  • No sample splitting or need to use phenol or precipitation methods
  • Purify RNA/DNA/Protein from cultured animal cells, tissues, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi or plants
  • Rapid and efficient spin column procedure - all done in 30 minutes
  • Proteins are purified on column and are soluble in the elution buffer. No further cleaning is required

More RNA purification kits from Norgen Biotek

Visit the Norgen website to learn about additional RNA purification kits, including:

  • Isolation from plant and soil
  • Isolation from FFPE samples
  • Isolation from urine and stool
  • Isolation from whole blood, plasma and serum
  • RNA clean-up and concentration

Listing of presented kits (selection)

48300 / 48400Total RNA purification plus kit50 preps / 100 preps
47700RNA/DNA/Protein purification plus kit50 preps


DNA purification

Plasmid DNA isolation kits

For rapid and convenient plasmid DNA preparations

  • High yield of plasmid DNA
  • Purify plasmids up to 13 kb
  • Plasmid DNA is ready for restriction digestion, bacterial transformation, sequencing and more
  • Rapid spin-column format and 96-well format available
  • Available as miniprep and maxiprep formats

Endotoxin removal kits

For the rapid removal of endotoxins from previously purified DNA

  • Reduce endotoxin levels to 0.1 EU/µg DNA or less
  • Effectively remove endotoxins in as little as 20 minutes
  • Remove endotoxins from up to 25 µg of DNA
  • Rapid spin-column format

Listing of presented kits (selection)

1330046400Plasmid DNA MiniPrep kit50 preps / 250 preps
46500 / 46600Plasmid DNA MaxiPrep kit4 preps / 20 preps
22700Endotoxin removal kit (mini) for DNA20 preps


DNA clean-up

After DNA sequencing - Centri-Sep

Centri-Sep products provide for the effective and reliable removal of excess unincorporated dideoxy terminators from completed DNA sequencing reactions.

Advantages of Centri-Sep spin columns:

  • Rapid and efficient separation from impurities
  • Faster and more reproducible purification than phenol/chloroform
  • No need to preselect buffer
  • 20-100 µL sample size

    Centri-Sep columns are used in the following applications:

    • Removal of excess DyeDeoxy™ and BigDye™ terminators
    • Removal of more than 98% of salts, phenol and unwanted low-molecular-weight impurities
    • Purification of fluorescent reaction mixtures
    • Removal of free and labeled dNTP's from DNA or RNA
    • Purification and desalting of proteins
    • Removal of excess nucleotides and small primers in PCR reactions

    Size exclusion separation - Centri-Spin

    Centri-Spin size exclusion columns provide a convenient and rapid method to remove excess label from nick translation or PCR labeling reactions. They are used for the fast and efficient purification of larger molecules (proteins, nucleic acids, complex carbohydrates, etc.), from small molecules (nucleotides, buffer salts, etc.)

      Centri-Spin columns are used for:

      • FISH transfection probe labeling gene products
      • Signal transduction differential display antibody labeling transformation studies
      • Protein labeling receptor analysis
      • Solid phase array desalting

      Listing of select products

      Cat-No.ItemSize cut-offQuantity
      CS-900Centri-Sep 32 column kitn/a32 columns
      CS-901Centri-Sep 100 column kitn/a100 columns
      CS-100Centri-Spin 10, 20 column kit> 10 bp20 columns
      CS-101Centri-Spin 10, 50 column kit> 10 bp50 columns
      CS-200Centri-Spin 20, 20 column kit> 20 bp20 columns
      CS-201Centri-Spin 20, 50 column kit> 20 bp50 columns 
      CS-400Centri-Spin 40, 20 column kit> 25 bp20 columns 
      CS-401Centri-Spin 40, 50 column kit> 25 bp50 columns 
      COM-124Centri-Spin Combo pack,
      10 columns each 100, 200, 400
       30 columns