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DNA stains and ladders

MidoriGreen DNA stain - the safe alternative to Ethidium Bromide

Midori Green is safe

Midori Green was developed to offer a non-carcinogenic and less mutagenic dye for DNA electrophoresis. In addition, Midori Green displays a high sensitivity for small fragments as well as a superior signal to noise ratio. Midori Green Advance can be used just like EtBr by adding it directly to agarose and is compatible with regular UV tables as well as with new Blue LED or Blue/Green LED tables and instruments.

Midori Green is the only safe DNA stain on the market with a complete safety profile. Ask your supplier if your current "safe" DNA stain has passed these test:

  • Ames test
  • Acute oral toxicity test
  • Mouse bone marrow micronucleus test
  • Chromosome aberration test
  • Latex and nitrile glove penetration test

Download the Midori Green safety documentation

Midori Green is flexible and affordable

  • Midori Green replaces EtBr in all staining applications
  • No need to change protocols - add Midori Green to gels or use as loading buffer
  • Compatible with UV boxes and Blue/Green LED technology
  • Available as Midori Green Advance (mix-in with agarose gel), Midori Green Direct (mix-in with sample) and Midori Green agarose tablets

Midori Green helps you clone your DNA

When used in combination with Blue/Green LED transilluminators, Midori Green results in significantly less damage when cutting DNA from agarose gels and hence dramatically improved cloning efficiency.

Download this whitepaper on cloning with Midori Green

Midori Green agarose tablets

Midori Green Agarose Tablets are a quick and easy solution for preparing agarose gels. The agarose tablet is dissolved in pure water, heated and poured into the gel tray. The popular Midori Green DNA Stain, TBE powder and agarose are all included and only addition of water is necessary.


  • Tablet format – no weighing in required
  • Very stable at room temperature
  • Only pure water is needed

Product listing

MG04Midori Green Advance1 ml
MG06Midori Green Direct1 ml
AG09Midori Green Agarose Tablets75 tablets

Nippon Genetics Midori Green website

DNA ladders

AccuBand 100 bp DNA ladder II (DM2200)

  • Range: 100 bp to 1000 bp in 100 bp steps
  • Markers: 500 bp band
  • Size: 500 ul, sufficient for 100 lanes (5 ul per lane)

ExcelBand 1 kb DNA ladder (DM3100)

  • Range: 250 bp to 10 kb
  • Markers: 1 kb and 3 kb bands
  • Size: 500 ul, sufficient for 100 lanes (5 ul per lane)

Product listing

Cat-No.ItemSizeCHFCompetitor TSizeCHF
DM2200AccuBand 100 bp DNA ladder II100 rxns49.00GeneRuler100 rxns84.00
DM3100ExcelBand 1 kb DNA ladder100 rxns19.00PageRuler Plus100 rxns31.00