FastGene CapEasy - easily cap and uncap PCR strips

Easily cap and uncap 8-well and 12-well strips without contamination

Never break a strip-cap again while capping or uncapping your PCR strip tubes. The FastGene CapEasy makes 8-well or 12-well PCR strip tube handling a snap - and it eliminates the risk of contamination. Try it - you'll never want to manipulate your PCR strips by hand again.

Sealing the cap

Position the 8-well strip in the rack, add the lids on top and close the FastGene CapEasy. The lid will shut the wells with a very tight sealing.

Opening an 8-well or 12-well strip

Add the FastGene CapEasy comb to the FastGene CapEasy.


Move the comb towards the strip. Close the FastGene CapEasy and push further until you hear a „click“ sound.


The strip will be decapped. The lid can now be removed.

FG-CDC01FastGene CapEasy 0.2 ml - Green1 each135.00