Gene expression

Analyze gene expression in any species with PrimeTime® qPCR Assay

PrimeTime® qPCR probe assays consist of a primer pair and 5′ nuclease fluorescent probes. Predesigned assays for human, mouse, or rat are available for easy selection based on multiple criteria such as exon location and number of transcripts detected. Additionally, custom assays may also be created for any sequence from any species using the PrimerQuest® tool.

Improve the precision of your PCR-based SNP genotyping with rhAmp® SNP Genotyping Technology

This technology uses a unique two-enzyme system coupled with RNA-DNA hybrid primers to precisely interrogate target SNPs. Combined with IDT’s universal reporter chemistry, rhAmp® SNP Genotyping offers a simple, high performance genotyping solution at an affordable price.

PrimeTime® qPCR assays

  • Achieve >90% efficiency over 4 or more orders of magnitude with our predesigned assays, guaranteed
  • Multiplex with confidence with double-quenched probe assays that have the lowest background in the industry
  • Adjust your primer probe ratio from 2:1 to 4:1 with no additional charge
  • Receive primers and probe sequences with all orders

PrimeTime® assays are available in different sizes

  • PrimeTime® Standard - 500 reactions (20 ul, 0.5 nmole probe, 1 nmole primer)
  • PrimeTime® XL - 2500 reactions (20 ul, 12.5 nmole probe, 12.5-50 nmole primer)

How to order PrimeTime qPCR assays

Special offer: receive a predesigned mini qPCR assay (100 rxns) for free!

  • Use the link below and fill out or contact form
  • We will get in touch with you to help you order your free qPCR assay

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Genotyping with rhAmp®

The rhAmp® SNP genotyping system: accurate, affordable genotyping with the next evolution of PCR

  • Generate the highest level of performance with greater than 99.5% call accuracy for over 90% of assays tested
  • Interrogate SNPs in difficult sequence regions with amplicon lengths as short as 40 bp
  • Validate markers affordably using the smallest pack size commercially available
  • Ensure confidence in your data with gBlocks® Gene Fragments as control templates

The rhAmp SNP portfolio includes all components needed to successfully generate high quality genotyping data on any commonly available real-time PCR instrument.

Superior chemistry for SNP detection

Superior discrimination versus traditional methods. Blocked primers minimize non-specific amplification. The 3' end of rhAmp primers incorporate a blocking group that prevents extension unless cleavage and de-blocking occur by RNase H2 enzyme. RNase H2 enzyme recognizes this RNA base only if it is hybridized to its perfect complement, initiating primer cleavage and activation.

Schematic representation of a rhAmp™ SNP Genotyping PCR cycle. All components needed to measure both alleles are combined in a single reaction before cycling. 1) Both allele-specific primers query the SNP locus. 2) RNase H2 enzyme cleaves the primers that are perfectly annealed to the target sequence, removing the RNA base and 3′ blocking modification, which allows extension by the IDT Hawkeye™ Taq Polymerase. 3) During the first two amplification cycles, a tail sequence is incorporated into the amplicon that is subsequently recognized by a probe-based reporter system. 4) Polymerase extension leads to degradation of the probe and signal generation.