Molecular biology

AcuteBand Pre-stained Protein Ladder

For SDS-PAGE and WB covering a molecular weight range of 6.5 - 270 kDa.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor TSavings
LU5001-0500AcuteBand Pre-Stained Protein Ladder (2 x 250 ul)500µlCHF 158.00CHF 370.00CHF 212.00


The AcuteBand Pre-stained Protein Ladder is a protein standard designed for SDS-PAGE and WB covering a molecular weight range of 6.5 - 270 kDa. The ten marker proteins are pre-stained with one of three different colors for extra-easy visualization.

This protein ladder is also ideal for Western Blotting with the LICOR system: the markers are bound by the secondary antibody, making them clearly visible!

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QuickBlue Protein Stain

Like Coomassie Blue - only simpler.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor SSavings
LU001000QuickBlue Protein Stain (40 mini-gels with single use)1 literCHF 133.00CHF 193.00CHF 60.00


QuickBlue is a one-step protein gel dye that provides you with clear, sharp bands with virtually no background - in 15 minutes! Destaining is not necessary. QuickBlue can be stored at RT, used up to three times, and is safe to dispose down the sink. Also 100% compatible with mass spectrometry analysis.

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SureBlock - blocking agent

Uses include Western blot, Dot blot and ELISA.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor SSavings
SB232010-50GSureBlock (50g = 1 L solution)50 gCHF 45.00CHF 128.00CHF 83.00


SureBlock is a high capacity, bovine gelatine-based blocking agent used for various applications, including Western blot, Dot blot and ELISA.

Compared to BSA, it is more economical, has a higher blocking capacity and shows virtually no background. SureBlock is available in different-sized packs.

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Distilled Water

Water for Molecular Biology.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor TSavings
OJ14796.1000 Water for Molecular Biology1 LCHF 55.00CHF 90.00CHF 35.00


Pure distilled water - free from ions, trace elements and general contamination. The allrounder in every research lab. 

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ExcelBand 1KB Plus DNA Ladder

A ready-to-use DNA ladder that covers DNA fragments from 0.1 to 10 kb.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor TSavings
DM3200 ExcelBand 1KB Plus (0.1-10 kb) DNA Ladder100 rxnsCHF  33.00CHF 446.00
CHF 57.00


The SmoBio ExcelBand 1KB Plus DNA Ladder is a ready-to-use DNA ladder that covers DNA fragments from 0.1 to 10 kb. As it is already pre-mixed with loading dye, it can be loaded directly onto the gel. This ladder is composed of 19 individual DNA fragments and three enhanced bands (3 kb, 1.5 kb and 500 bp) for easy referencing. Further, three tracking dyes (Xylene cyanol FF, Bromophenol blue and Orange G) allow real-time monitoring during electrophoresis.

Disposable bottletop filters

VacufilTM Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units for filtering and storing cell culture etc.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor FSavings
VFPPES245500FVacufilTM Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units, 0.45 um pore size, without receiver bottle24 pcsCHF 126.00CHF 206.00CHF 80.00


VacufilTM Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units are used for filtering and storing cell culture and tissue culture media, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions. VacufilTM guarantees sterile, as well as pyrogen- and detergent-free filtration. Available in two pore-sizes (0.22 µm and 0.45 µm), with or without receiver bottle (500ml). They also feature a PES membrane, offering fast flow rates and low protein binding rates.

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Disposable syringe filters

Sterile PES syringe filters with low protein adsorption for filtering various solutions.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor FSavings
SFPES030022SSterile PES Syringe Filters, Pore: 0.22 um, Housing Diameter : 30 mm100 pcsCHF 63.00CHF 442.90CHF 379.90


These sterile syringe filters consist of PES membranes with a polypropylene (PP) housing. The PES filters (in pore sizes 0.22 µm or 0.45 µm) provide reliable sterile filtration with high flow rates and a large filtration area. They also present low protein adsorption and are compatible with a wide range of applications, including filtration of protein solutions, culture media and additive solutions.

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Electroporation Cuvettes

Same quality for a lower price! Fits in most electroporation systems.

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor BSavings
12358-345 Electroporation cuvettes, 1 mm gap, sterile & individually packaged50 pcsCHF 125.00CHF 315.00CHF 190.00


Electroporation cuvettes efficiently transfer DNA and siRNA into a wide variety of cell types. Our electroporation cuvettes meet and exceed every measurable qualification and parameter, ensuring consistent pulse delivery and reproducible results. They fit in most electroporation systems (including those from Bio-Rad, BTX, Lonza/Amaxa (Nucleofector 2b only), Invitrogen, Eppendorf, and Kodak/IBI). Our cuvettes (with 1, 2 or 4mm gap) offer a great replacement to conventional brands' products - providing you with the same quality for a lower price.

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Ultrapure IPTG

Crystallization-grade and dioxane-free (>99.5% purity).

Cat-No.DescriptionSizeOur PriceCompetitor SSavings
LU5002-005Ultrapure IPTG, dioxane-free 5 gCHF 51.00CHF 389.00CHF 338.00


IPTG is widely used to induce the expression of proteins unter control of the lac operon. As IPTG cannot be metabolized by E. coli, its concentration remains constant throughout the experiment. We offer ultra-pure (crystallization-grade), dioxane-free IPTG (>99.5% purity) at an affordable price.

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