FastGene® Mini Centrifuge

Fast and easy centrifugation right at the bench!

Ideal for quick spin downs, microfiltration and cell separation. The FastGene® Mini Centrifuge is supplied with three rotors (standard microtube, slide and strip tube rotor), thus allowing the centrifugation of

  • up to six individual 1.5ml plastic centrifuge tubes (with adapter: 0.5ml and 0.2ml tubes),
  • two PCR 8-well strips (tube capacity 0.2ml),
  • or slides


  • Four different colors: green, pink, red and blue
  • Dimensions: 175 x 148 x 118 mm
  • Centrifugal force: 2000 x g
  • Speed: 6.000 rpm
  • Power requirement: 100 - 240 V ~  0.5 A

Product offerings

Cat.-No.ItemSizePrice (CHF)
NG002GFastGene Mini Centrifuge (green)1 each253.00
NG002PFastGene Mini Centrifuge (pink)1 each253.00
NG002RFastGene Mini Centrifuge (red)1 each253.00
NG002BFastGene Mini Centrifuge (blue)1 each253.00