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FastGene PCR plates

High quality plates for standard and low volume qPCR, free of DNase, RNase and human genomic DNA

  • Compatible with heat sealing
  • Compatible with low volume, fast cycling protocols
  • Significantly lower price than similar plates on the market
  • Manufactured in Japan under strict quality control

Non-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate, 0.2 ml

Compatible with Biometra (T1, TGradient), Bio-Rad (ICycler, PTC-200 DNA Engine, PTC-225 DNA Tetrad), Takara (Dice), ABI (GeneAmp series 2720, 9600, 9700, Veriti, 7000, 7300, 7500, 7700), Gene Technologies (G-Storm GS1), Stratagene (Mx4000, Mx3000)

Semi-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate, 0.3 ml

Compatible with standard cyclers: ABI (GeneAmp 2700/2720, 9600, 9700), Biometra T1, TGradient), Biorad (iCycler, MyCycler, C1000, S1000, PTC100, PTC200, PTC220/221, PTC225), Eppendorf (Master-Cycler, Master-Cycler EP Gradient), MWG (Q-Lifecycler), PeqLab (peqSTAR 96), Techne (Touchgene Gradient, Flexigene, Genius). Compatible with qPCR cyclers: ABI (7000/7300/7500/7700/7900), Biorad (iCycler  iQ/iQ4/iQ5/MyiQ), Eppendorf  (Mastercycler ep realplex)

Full-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate, 0.2 ml

Compatible with standard cyclers: Biometra (Uno, T1, TGradient, TRobot), Biorad (C1000, S1000, PTC100, PTC200, PTC220/221, PTC225), Corbett Research (Palm Cycler), Eppendorf (Master-Cycler Gradient, Master-Cycler EP Gradient), G-Storm (GS1, GS2, GS3), MWG (Primus 96, Q-Lifecycler), Stratagene (Gradient Cycler), Techne (TC412/512), Touchgene (Gradient, Flexigene, Genius), Thermo (PCR Express/Px2/PxE, Multiblock System  MBS, Touchdown, Omnigene, Omni-E). Compatible with qPCR cyclers: Biorad  (CFX96, Opticon, Opticon2, Chromo4), Eppendorf (Mastercycler ep realplex)

Fast PCR Plate, 0.1 ml

Compatible with: StepOnePlus, ABI 9800 and ABI 7500 Fast

Product listing

FG-170210Non-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate25 plates
FG-190250Semi-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate50 plates
FG-180230Full-skirted FastGene® 96-well Plate30 plates
FG-03890Fast PCR Plate25 plates